What we do this week?

Welcome to our #WeeklyOutlook & #WorkInsight. This week our list is a bit shorter than usually: the 2nd half of this week is blocked for our annual strategy meeting. The whole inspiring-health team will meet in a mountain retreat to evaluate our success so far this year as well as plan for the next 12 months. Well, maybe we will throw in a little bit of fun as well…

Project wise…

➡️ We will kick off

  • A new #137h project (G-BA early benefit assessment) in #ophthalmology
  • A #reimbursement analysis for #ENT products
  • In in depth market access analysis in #LungCancer #diagnostics
  • An internal project to provide online presentations on important #MarketAccess topics. We will start with the #InnovationFond
  • an #InfectionManagement project for a Bavarian hospital group
  • A project to develop a tool for costing of clinical pathways and building #HEOR models

➡ We plan to finalize:

  • 2 #GBA submission documents
  • An application for a G-BA technology assessment trial (#137e SGB V) in #oncology

➡️ In our ongoing #GBA projects we

  • Will be conducting for a strategic workshop with our customer for an innovative diagnostic method in #endoscopy
  • Will be submitting a hearing statement for a G-BA early benefit assessment
  • Are having interviews with KOLs on the G-BA proposals for a possible assessment trial, within the framework of a §137h.


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