Dr. Wilke GmbH has become inspiring-health GmbH

As of January 1st 2017, Dr. Wilke GmbH will now be known as inspiring-health GmbH. The company was founded by Dr. Michael Wilke in Munich 10 years ago. At the beginning, he was a team of one expert quickly growing to 14.

Founding partner Markus Rathmayer took on the role of COO during this time of transition, strengthening the leadership of inspiring-health. In 2011, Markus became more actively involved in the day-to-day operation of the company bringing to bear his many years of management and information technology expertise.

‘The desire to find a name more representative of what our company does has occupied us for some time,’ said Dr. Michael Wilke and Markus Rathmayer.‘ Based on our concept, of being an inspiration to health care, we have worked successfully over the past few years.
Our new company name was developed from this concept. inspiring-health GmbH will continue to provide inspiring solutions to the challenges the healthcare system faces.’

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